Product Details

Embroidery Patch (Hot-Cut)

  • Model:713
  • Specification:
    100% Rayon thread
    Border : hot-cut
    *Confidence In Textiles*

Product Introduction

KAE LAN is a well-noted manufacturer in Taiwan which producing for brand's and trade company. It means we have high ability to produce well products. You are able to contact us to get well works now. 

We have an excellent reputation through 30 years of business experience focus on serving customers who want to produce Clothings and patches.


We provide One-Stop service for our customers:
- Fabric
- Processing 
(embroidey/ printed/transfer sublimation..)
- Sewing clothing
- Company label
- Packing


Business mission
Happy growth, Sustainable resources, LOHAS life, Contribute to society
Corporate vision 
Is committed to becoming a Clothing manufacturing leader


Our Customers

How To Make My Own Patches?

Product Remark

Company Patch
100% Rayon thread

*Confidence In Textiles*

Product Notes

* These Products are only for reference.
* Sequins, Beads, Rhinestones are available to apply on patch.

* For the products have copyrights, we won't produce without permission.
* OEM Service is welcome.


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