Product Details

Chenille Patch mixed embroidery

  • Model:76000
  • Specification:80% Chenille
    20% Embroidery
    *Confidence In Textiles*

Product Introduction

Do you know Chenille is able to mixed embroidered?


Chenille is a type of fabric or yarn that can be woven into a patch. Actually, the word “Chenille” is French for “caterpillar”, whose fur the yarn is supposed to resemble. Today’s Chenille Patches and fabrics aren’t actually a byproduct from caterpillars, but they do have the same look and feel of a fluffy little caterpillar. And that is the main difference between Chenille Patches and embroidered patches.

To be more specific, Chenille is a fabric made of silk with fringed threads used in combination with cotton or wool. When applied to a Chenille patch, the yarn is sewn in a series of densely packed loops to give a 3D effect. Most Chenille Patches are a combination of a Chenille background with a touch of thread embroidery. There are three traditional methods to form the border of Chenille Patches: stitching with with tight embroidery, a bulky Chenille weave, or a clean cut felt border. Felt cut borders are quite popular for Chenille Patches because of how its fuzziness compliments the Chenille pattern perfectly.

Product Remark

OEM is welcome.
These patches are only for reference.
Welcome to contact us today!

Product Notes

* These Products are only for reference.
* Sequins, Beads, Rhinestones are available to apply on patch.

* For the products have copyrights, we won't produce without permission.
* OEM Service is welcome.


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